Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mirror image

Here's another tease picture (I did the same thing a couple weeks ago with this dessert) for my next We Like It Raw post, which will probably be up on the site today or tomorrow.

As you can see I "rawified" (a word I made up for taking a traditionally cooked recipe and transforming it into a raw version) this pie that caught my eye in a copy of Family Circle magazine. I ripped it out at work and have been carrying it around with me in my purse, until I finally got my hands on some more raw macadamia nuts to make it (this explains all the wrinkles and creases on the page; it's been through a lot).

After snapping this pic of what may have been the last slice, I got a kick out of the mirror image effect. I guess it does somewhat resemble the original.

Speaking of mirror image, I think that was the name the twin competitors went by in the Dance T.V. dance off at the end of the "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" movie. Now, I couldn't find a link with the two of them, but I did find the part where Sarah Jessica Parker's character and her partner perform to their portion of the song (one that I used to dance to around my house, as if I was in the competition, too). And, just for the fun of it, here's another cashew "cheesy" scene.

Too bad I didn't make a cheesecake or at least something with "cheese" on it this week. Maybe some other time.


RawBin said...

YUMMMMY! This had soooo much caffeine in it that yesterday after I ate it I was getting rushes. It
was suggested that I get my blood pressure taken! I don't know how you ate two slices!

wyldegirl said...

yours is prettier than the photo, well done you!

shannonmarie said...

Sorry Rawbin. Maybe I shouldn't have given you a second piece. Be careful and pace yourself.

Jenny, I don't know if mine is prettier, but thanks for the compliment :-)

Anonymous said...

hey question - how do you manage to stay raw with a cooked husband? Is it difficult? How you maintain your will power would be a great post topic. :)

Kristen's Raw said...

Looks lovely! Wish I had a slice!

Michelle J said...

Hi Shannon, i haven't commented in a while but just wanted to let you know i'm always reading your terrific blog! I eagerly await checking out all the great recipes you post!! Very great!! :O)

P.S. Great post over at WLIR!

Penni in Tulsa said...

I am totally saving this recipe. If I were a good wife and mother I would go ahead and make it now for my family but I know I would be overly tempted by the fabulousness factor. I would likely fall from juice feasting grace and have to have a piece! You are one naughty raw girl and I love it!!


Runnergirl said...

You go girl! This looks divine...

It's funny that I was not interested in chocolate all my life until I went RAW... and now I love healthy chocolate treats! I think it's good to treat yourself and the cacao and carob have good benefits as well. Paul Nison is the only one who I have heard say otherwise.

So enjoy! We can have healthy yummy chocolate in moderation.

One of your fans...:0)

c de cocina said...

Another one of your fans ! I love your blog and your recipes, I will copy some of them for sure
Thanks for sharing!

shannonmarie said...

juusan, I manage to stay raw with a cooked husband, because we've always had different tastes in food. Even when we first started dating, we would order pizza with half of it topped my way (veggies) and half topped his (mostly meat). We may not eat the same things, but we still try to sit down for our meals together.

Thanks, Kristen. You could make one :-)

Hey, Michelle, it's good to see you back. Thanks for inspiring me to keep this blog (and my WLIR posts) afloat.

Thanks Penni. I hope you enjoy it after you finish your juice feast.

Holly, how did you not like chocolate before going raw? I think I was born with a craving for it.

c de cocina, thanks for stopping by. You can test out anything I post :-)

apple25 said...

This is my first time on this neat blog and it looks like I need help. Where can I find the recipes for these delicious looking dishes? There are many but where, for instance, can I find the Mirror Image recipe, 3/5/08? (looks like a chocolate cream pie). Is there a section devoted specifically to recipes? Thank you

shannonmarie said...

apple25, sorry for the confusion. I also post on a site called We Like It Raw ( You can find this recipe by either doing a search on the site or by going to the "About Us" section. From there, you can click on a list of all of my blog posts on that site. The post is entitled "Naughty Girls Need Love, Too" and the recipe is called choco-trawpical pie.