Monday, November 19, 2007

How about a "quickie?"

Well, tonight I'm gonna make this post a quickie, so I can hang out with my boys (husband and son).

Speaking of "quickies," you've gotta check out the Quickies pages at We Like It Raw. It is the first place I stop to find out the highlights of the day in the raw community. Dhrumil does spectacular job of searching the Web for raw info, so you don't have to. I don't know how he does it, but he found me within a week of starting this blog.

What caught my eye on his quickies list tonight was Freshtopia's post about Naughty Pumpkin Creme Pie. I love the name, its beautiful presentation and the fact that it actually contains pumpkin (a lot of raw pumpkin desserts use carrot or butternut squash instead).

Which reminds me; I really need to start finalizing my menu for Thanksgiving. I'll post about it when I get a chance.

But, back to this being a quickie, I just wanted to share the dish I made last night. It is the first one I listed as my answer to the three foods I want to make question from the list I posted yesterday. I made the Pasta Primavera (I didn't have red pepper and added some sliced olives) from the Sunny Raw Kitchen website. I highly recommend it. Thanks Carmella!

At the moment, the boys are rock'n out with the Guitar Hero video game (I've had that "Surrender" song stuck in my head all day, complete with the guitar controller clicking sound). My husband wants to add Rock Band (comes out tomorrow) to our collection of video game entertainment, so we can add the drums and a microphone to our performances. I suddenly feel like the Partridge family.

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