Tuesday, November 27, 2007

À la mode

According to Wikipedia, "'with ice cream' is the often used yet erroneous translation of this French term. The correct translation simply means 'in the current syle/fashion' or literally, 'in the manner of fashion'."

While knitting my bamboo scarf last night, I started thinking about Tanja from Freshtopia and her recent "Green Fashion Plate" post. I've noticed that a lot of raw foodies also try their best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, whether it be recycling, composting, using green cleaning products, reducing their energy use, driving hybrids or veggie oil-powered vehicles, buying organic or wearing eco-fashion.

If you are unfamiliar with the Freshtopia vlog, you should check it out. Tanja Andrews and Oscar Grimm update their vlog (video blog) frequently with not just raw recipes, but videos that show you step by step how to make those recipes and other posts focusing on the environment.

In this particular post, Tanja was trying to decide what to wear to The Winnies, "a great big new media meet-up and party cleverly masquerading as an awards show," she says.

Her first instinct was to find something economical with limited impact on the environment. She ended borrowing a dress from a friend, which she looked great in by the way. However, if she had bought something new, she would've checked into some of the more sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.

These eco-fabrics have come along way and can be quite fashionable. Although I try to make alterations (yes, I have some sewing skills) to what I already have in my closet, therefore extending the life of my wardrobe, I find myself adding new pieces made of these fabrics to update my style.

Usually, I go for the more casual looks offered from Jonano, HT naturals or Under the Canopy. I also like American-made and sweatshop-free American Apparel. But, I'd love to own some of the more upscale clothing featured in GLiving's fashion blog, another site I recommend visiting for raw food (Greenchefs) and anything "G," which is its slogan.

In the meantime, I'll express my own personal style with my own creations. I may only know how to knit a scarf at the moment, but I hope to one day design my own bamboo sweater. You've gotta set your goals high, right? :-)

I'll also express myself in my raw food creations. For instance, my raw "n'ice creams," as I call them, are constantly changing based on my mood that day. I was craving some after helping with bon bons again today at my church (it must have been due to being around all that chocolate for hours).

This one is a more gourmet flavor to tie in with this fashion-inspired post. It is my version of Cherry "Raw"cia, although I got a little carried away with the cherries this time (note the very cherry color). It is topped with extra cherries and raw cacao nibs. Oh so good!


Tanja Andrews said...

Thanks so much for the super-nice write up! Love your blog, plus now I'm inspired to drag my ice-cream maker outta the cupboard again...
Hope you're having a beautiful day!
host, Freshtopia.net

shannonmarie said...

No problem. I love reading and watching your blog. Your ice cream vlog was one of my favorites :-)