Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring break :-)

Although I have been posting regularly this week, I decided to spend the rest of my son's spring break relaxing with him. Maybe we'll make some holiday crafts; here's what came out of my raw kitchen today. I'll tell you more about it after the break. What kinds of yumminess do you plan to make?

I know my blogging buddy Bitt has been up to some raw sweet stuff, too. It is amazing what you can do with raw food :-)


Blast from the past
As you can see, I decided to be nice this year; no April Fool's Day pranks here. I still feel guilty for this post I ran a couple years ago ...

... followed by this clarification (I didn't give in to the baked kind; it was an "unbaked" raw vegan muffin I consumed).

I had no idea anyone would ever take me seriously :-)