Thursday, April 23, 2015

#100PureSelfie in Blackberry Liquid EyeLiner

I'm a huge fan of 100 Percent Pure, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw their #100PureSelfie 2-day promo in my e-mail inbox. I couldn't resist ordering the Blackberry Long Lasting Liquid Liner, which came with a free selfie stick for the extremely short 2-day window (this promo is no longer available). Those who managed to get in on the deal in time are now eligible to win prizes when they post their eyeliner selfies using the selfie stick and #100PureSelfie hashtag.

After spending part of my day hanging out with Dana at the 100 Percent Pure store, I had hoped to blog about today's haul. However, when my eyeliner and selfie stick arrived, I opted to post about them instead (don't worry; I'm still going to post about my haul in the near future).

I was so anxious to test out the eyeliner and selfie stick, as well as post my pic (I'm the first and only one at the time I'm typing this). The photo above is the one I tweeted, and of course, I used the provided selfie stick to take it. The selfie stick is really cute as far as selfie sticks go. The handle is pink and it has the 100 Percent Pure logo. Hopefully, they'll do more promos like this in the future.

As for the eyeliner, I was impressed with how easily and accurately it applied. Seriously, I just swiped this on in a heartbeat and was ready to photograph it. I did a line swatch so you can see it better.

Then, I decided to really show off what it can do with a "heart" 100% Pure temporary tattoo. I've had it on my arm for a while now, and it hasn't budged or smudged.

Hayden got a little jealous and requested a heart, too. We match.

The color of this liner is absolutely gorgeous, like smashed blackberries with a hint of shimmer. It must be those fruit pigments. Gotta love 100 Percent Pure.

Did anyone else take advantage of this offer or have this liner? Tweet me your thoughts and/or your #100PureSelfie at @Rawdorable.