Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Philosophie Honey Pop Experiment

I don't know what it's like in your house, but in mine, my kids love to experiment. For example, we recently learned that honey does not freeze, so we decided to do a test with Philosophie honey in Cacao Bee, Green Bee and Berry Bee. This colorful, superfood-packed honey was the perfect choice for our experiment, as you'll see.

Hayden, in particular, was hoping we could freeze the honey like a frozen lollipop (she was obviously trying to disprove that nonfreezing theory), which would've been a cool lolli-popsicle (I just made up that word) hybrid. To start, we lined a plate with parchment, poured a lollipop-size amount of each honey flavor onto the parchment and put a stick in each pool of honey. As you can see, the honey was quite runny at this point.

We actually did this last Friday afternoon, but forgot about it until the other day (we had a busy weekend). When we finally took the honey out of the freezer, it was a bit thicker, but not frozen. Above is the Cacao Bee Honey being molded around its stick with a spoon.

We did the same with the Berry Bee Honey, which made it look a little like a lollipop. It had the consistency of taffy or a soft caramel, but not as dense.

Here's our Green Bee Honey pop, which turned out a little smaller than the berry one. But, what happened to the Cacao Bee Honey Pop?

Hayden ate it before I was able to take a pic. I guess she wanted to enjoy her treat before the freezer magic ran out. So good!