Thursday, April 9, 2015

Babe on a Budget: #SavetheDate Bracelet

Check out the hashtag #SavetheDate on Twitter and you might find Emma McKinstry's stylish way to save the date that's important to you (on a necklace, of course). It could be the date of your birth or your child's birth (I thought about getting two; one with my son's birthday and the other with my daughter's), but probably the most common use for this necklace is to proudly display a wedding date.

My sister is getting married next month, so I immediately thought of her when I saw the necklace (the above pic is from the Emma McKinstry Instagram page, so credit goes to her). I had been meaning to order one, but unfortunately, time got away from me (her shower is this weekend). Therefore, I opted to make it myself, which is perfect for a "babe on a budget."

I headed straight to the craft store and purchased a pack of number charms for only a few bucks (this pack contained 20 charms, which equaled out to two of each number 0-9). I also changed the design to a bracelet when I saw this fun 5-pack for $4.99 (that's only a dollar per bracelet, so I can make more).

I opted to use the bracelet with the sparkles and white stones. It was the most bridal of the bunch. The stones also acted as markers to help me determine where to attach the numbers, which I laid out, as shown.

I started by attaching the center number with the use of a jewelry-making tool. She is getting married on the 30th, so I attached the 3 to one side of the center stone and the 0 to the other side of the stone.

Next, I moved on to attaching the 5 (for the month of May) to the side of the first stone.

Lastly, I attached the year with the 1 to the left of the last stone and the 5 to the right of the stone.

Now your bracelet is all finished. I plan on giving it to my sister in one of these note cards with a personalized message from yours truly. I hope she likes it ... and that she doesn't check out my blog before the shower. Thank goodness I have another surprise gift for her.

If DIY isn't really your thing, consider purchasing the inspiration for today's project from Emma McKinstry's site (it is better quality than my version). I think the necklaces would be great for Mother's Day (they also come in gold), and there are some other cute options available for any occasion (I like the stud earrings in a heart and an arrow). Emma didn't ask me to say that; I'm just sharing what caught my eye with you :)