Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pure Sugar Scrub Social

When I went to the 100 Percent Pure store the other day, I purchased their adorable Neapolitan Body Scrub Gift Set, which contains such yummy sugar body scrubs in sundae-making varieties. Although I have not seen this set online in a while, you can purchase the Strawberry Body Scrub (this does remind me of a strawberry ice cream topping, but with sugar crystals; Hayden compared it to berry honey) and Vanilla Bean Body Scrub (this smells like vanilla pudding; yum!) individually, but the Chocolate Body Scrub is not available, as far as I can tell (it looks like hot fudge and is just as messy, but it smells like unsweetened cacao; it reminds me of a coffee scrub).

To test out these fun sugar body scrubs, my daughter Hayden and I took them outside for a sugar scrub "ice cream" social (it is a Neapolitan ice cream-inspired set) and mini manicure with her neighborhood friend. We set everything up on her mermaid towel, as shown, although you can't see the bowl we set up as a sink and the extra towels in this picture (I mainly posted this pic, because Hayden wanted me to show you her mermaid towel, which makes her look like a mermaid when she's wrapped in it).

To make it easier to apply all three scrubs to the girls' hands at the same time (and because it looked cute), we scooped the three flavors into Hayden's mini toy ice cream cone (I got that idea from Dana). We also made sure their pretty pink nail shades were nearby and ready when they were.

The girls used the sugar scrub-filled toy ice cream cone to apply the scrub to their hands. The colors combined as they scrubbed their hands together. They looked like they'd been rolling snickerdoodle dough balls in cinnamon sugar.

After a good scrub, the girls helped each other rinse in our "sink" bowl.

Bye, bye sugar scrub, and hello fun water bowl to play in. Ha ha :)

Once I got the girls dried off (there was water everywhere), we painted our nails with 100 Percent Pure nail polish in I Heart You (a pale shimmery pink/peach) and Republican (pink sparkles).

I didn't get a pic of their nails before they were off and running, so I snapped a shot of my nails instead. These two colors look nice together. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter. I'm @Rawdorable.

If you want to host your own Pure Sugar Scrub Social, the Annapolis store still had some Neapolitan Body Scrub Gift Sets available when I was there last week. You could also mix and match the individual scrubs (they make your hands so soft), as I think the Coconut Body Scrub with the Key Lime Body Scrub and Strawberry Lemonade Body Scrub would be a scrumptious trio, too. As I said in my last post, don't forget to pick up your Mother's Day tote for $25 with any $50 in-store purchase Friday, April 17-Sunday, May 10, 2015. The items inside could turn your Pure Sugar Scrub Social into a full spa day.