Monday, April 20, 2015

Mini snack bar "cookies"

As you know, my sister is getting married soon (I mentioned this in my DIY #SavetheDate bracelet post and when I made these yummy Berry Grape Chocolate Flowers), which means I've been involved in a variety of events leading up to the big day. For instance, I assisted with her bridal shower and attended part of her bachelorette party (I'm not really into the bar scene these days).

Speaking of her bachelorette party, I went with my sisters (I have two sisters), my mom (she was invited, too) and the other girls to a painting place, where we all got to paint on canvas. We were to pick from specific design options, so it was interesting to paint what was provided for me. Since I wasn't inspired by most of the options, I did this kid-friendly bug painting for Hayden's room (she said I couldn't go without her, if I didn't paint this one).

At the painting place, we all brought snacks to share. I wasn't sure what to bring, so I considered what I'd like to sustain me, while busy painting. If I was involved in any other project, I might reach for a snack/nutrition bar, which I tend to carry in my purse for emergencies. Rather than bringing a bunch of wrapped bars to the party, I took the time to cut each one into mini cookie-like treats.

I used these tiny cookie-cutters, so the treats were uniform. They are small enough to form 3 cookies per bar.

I simply cut the bars with the cookie-cutters, as shown (don't forget to eat the scraps like Hayden and I did).

Since I was going for a bridal theme, I used bars with a vegan Greek yogurt coating (Good Greens Soy Greek Yogurt Wellness Bars in Pomegranate Acai), which looks like white icing. I cut out wedding bells, of course.

I also made sure to cut out a bunch of hearts for love.

Cutting these bars reminded me of when Hayden and I made Semi-Homemade Bella Bar Treats a few years ago on the blog.

I can't believe how much Hayden has grown since we filmed this video, just like it amazes me that my youngest sister is getting married. Congrats April and Jack :)