Tuesday, April 28, 2015

After-School Snack: Pineapple Pizza

When the kids come home from school, they can't wait to have a snack. I like to get something healthy into their tummies, so I try to make it fun, like with this Pineapple Pizza.

To make a pineapple pizza, you first need a pineapple "crust." Cut a fresh pineapple into rounds like this one.

Then, slice your pineapple round, as shown. You can remove the outside rim of the pineapple or leave it on for decoration.

Next, thinly slice some strawberries and place them on top of your pineapple crust to act as the "sauce." The strawberry shape fits perfectly on each triangular pineapple slice.

Sprinkle the top of your pineapple pizza with shredded coconut, as you would with shredded cheese.

Lastly, add your toppings. We used thinly sliced grapes, like pepperoni. Enjoy your pineapple pizza :)

On another note, I posted a Spontaneous T-Shirt Dress DIY last night, in case you missed it. I made it out of my son's old white t-shirts.