Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Babe on a Budget: Boots Botanics

As you know, I love a good deal, especially on beauty products. I'm all about a good promo (don't forget about 100 Percent Pure's Mother's Day in-store purchase with purchase), but it's also nice to find a product that's economically priced and sold conveniently, such as at Target.

I'm a big fan of Boots Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil with nourishing rosehip. I've been wanting to try RMS Beauty's beauty oil, but was deterred by its high price tag (although that didn't stop me from buying some of the eye polishes, lip shines, lip2cheeks, "un" cover-up and living luminizer; it is a really great line). When I saw this similar product on the shelf, I had to test it out.

Boots Botanic's facial oil moisturizes my skin without any breakouts. It's certified organic, packed with natural ingredients, formulated without parabens and has a very reasonable price (it's $8.99 at Target, but is currently on sale for $8.09). I especially like to use it to condition my eyebrows.

Speaking of eyebrows, my favorite way to define my brows is with the Boots Botanics Eyebrow Pencil with skin conditioning jojoba oil. Mine says the color is medium brown, although I haven't seen any other shades. It works perfectly with my hair color.

One of the advantages of this pencil is the fact that it has two ends (one is the pencil and the other is an eyebrow brush). I start by penciling in small hair-like strokes to fill in my brows.

Then, I use the brush end to blend the pencil lines with my natural brow hairs and comb my eyebrows in place. I could use a clear mascara to set them at this point, but I feel as though the texture of this pencil (and the fact that I use the facial oil on my brows, too) takes care of that.

Here's how my brows look when they're done. It's very natural, like the freckles you can see on my nearly naked face (I'm wearing 100 Percent Pure's Lip to Cheek in Cranberry Glow, Josie Maran eyeliner pencil, which is no longer available, and 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea in addition to the eyebrow pencil). This eyebrow pencil is very economical, as it is priced at $5.99 (currently on sale at Target for $5.39 and on the Boots Botanics website for $2.40).

Do you have any babe on a budget makeup and beauty product tips? Let me know on Twitter at @Rawdorable.