Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I'm loving: Emma McKinstry Jewelry

My birthday is tomorrow, but my hubby and kids just couldn't wait to give me my presents, which included these adorable Emma McKinstry earrings. I had hinted about them for Mother's Day (I guess I got them early), as I wanted the heart stud to represent Hayden and the arrow to be Jacob. Emma sells the hearts and arrows separately, so you can select two hearts, two arrows, a heart and an arrow, or just one heart or one arrow. You also can pick the metal (silver or gold) and the stone (my hubby aimed to get me something similar to the kids' birthstones).

You may recall my DIY #SavetheDate Bracelet blog post from a couple weeks ago. It was based on Emma's Save the Date necklace. Although I figured out a way to make an inexpensive version, I still wanted the real deal.

To my surprise, my hubby purchased one for me with our wedding date on it. I guess he was ahead of schedule for our anniversary, as well. Emma's Save the Date necklace is more delicate and much better quality than the bracelet I made (but if you are just looking for the novelty, the DIY is fun for a bride-to-be).

Here's how it looks on me (see how tiny the numbers are next to my shirt buttons for scale). If you are looking for a shower gift or even Mother's Day (I considered getting my kids' birthdays), I'd highly recommend this necklace (it also comes in silver) or check out Emma's other creations.

BTW, Emma did not ask me to do this post. I was just happy with my jewelry.

On another note, my shirt today is Madewell's Atlas Pullover Shirt. I was going to mention that it's in the sale section for only $29.99, but unfortunately it sold out as I was typing this (although it could show up again). It's similar to the Perfect Tunic in Stripe and the Wellspring Tunic Popover Shirt in Stripe Mix, which also are in Madewell's sale section.