Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Berry Grape Chocolate Flowers

As you may have heard, my sister is getting married soon (I'm so excited for her; BTW, she liked her #SavetheDate bracelet). Being that her colors are navy and plum, I was inspired to make these yummy Berry Grape Chocolate Flowers (my sister also is a fan of my White Chocolate-Covered Cherry Blossoms, so these are totally up her alley).

These chocolatey fruit blossoms are so easy to make. Just melt some dairy-free chocolate (or you can make raw vegan chocolate) in a double-boiler, while you prep your fruit (wash your blueberries and grapes, and slice your grapes in half, as shown).

Select your chocolate mold. I opted to use these small round flowers, which are the perfect size to hold the grape petals and blueberry centers.

When your chocolate is melted, pour it into your flower mold.

Arrange your blueberries and sliced grapes in the melted chocolate-filled flower molds, as shown, and place your Berry Grape Chocolate Flowers in the fridge to set the chocolate.

Once the chocolate has set, remove the finished Berry Grape Chocolate Flowers from your chocolate mold. Enjoy!