Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good Greens Bunny & #tbt Easter Ideas

Recently I was lucky enough to win some Good Greens Bars. You may remember me posting my first taste of their original bars a few years back.

Since then, those chocolate-covered bars have been coated in a dairy-free Greek yogurt, which makes them perfect for today's kitchen craft. These Apple Crumb bars (they also sent me some Banana Nut, Pumpkin Spice and Pomegranate Acai bars) have a nice white canvas for decorating an adorable Easter bunny.

To make your bunny, start by cutting the ears, as shown. You can see how I made a small slice down the top center of the bar to divide the ears, and cut out tiny triangle shapes to make them pointy.

Next, cut some more tiny triangles to create the rest of the bunny shape.

Decorate your bunny bar with freeze-dried fruit (I used a piece of strawberry for the nose and pineapple for the bow tie), pumpkin seeds (for the eyes), and quick and easy chocolate icing (cocoa powder, pure maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt). Use your imagination and substitute other ingredients, if you'd like.

Tweet me at @Rawdorable, if you make one.

On another note, it's also Throwback Thursday, so here are a few blast-from-the-past Easter ideas from my blog, starting with another bar-based bunny. This unbaked cupcake has a Larabar for the base.

I also like to squeeze the unbaked cupcake base to look like an egg and decorate it like the personalized chocolate-covered eggs my church used to make.

If you've been a fan of the old-school Cadbury Creme Eggs, try making them in pudding form.

Don't forget these Peep-like Banana Bunnies from the other day. You can decorate them as shown, or make them into chocolate-covered frozen banana bunnies.

And, if you want something that's not a dessert, you can make mini salads that resemble eggs in a nest.

Have a Happy Easter!