Saturday, September 19, 2009

Frozen breakfast in a cup

No, I'm not talking about another green smoothie, and I certainly wouldn't be referring to something found in your grocer's freezer section (well, maybe one day in the organic aisle; my grocery store keeps the healthier stuff separate from the rest).

My frozen breakfast in a cup is something I whipped up myself, while stocking my freezer with some homemade convenient items. Now that little lady is around, I never know when I'll find the opportunity to prepare some of my favorite treats, so I decided to do most of the prep work when she's sound asleep. Then, I can just grab and go when she needs me most (usually when my tummy is calling to me, too).

I've done the same thing in my fridge, spending her nap times chopping fresh fruits and veggies for snacking throughout the day. I even toss a salad or two together, and store them inside until I'm ready for one.

But back to the freezer, which I like to stock with a surplus of raw cupcakes, cookies, etc. I was so grateful for the n'ice cream cupcake I had the other day (n'ice cream isn't as simple to make with a newborn in your arms), that I decided to make a variety of more flavors to have on hand whenever a craving may arise.

This one happens to be a maple banilla nut cupcake, inspired by these raw banana cupcakes, as well as the banana nut waffles pictured in the background. The base is cake-like (or in this case, waffle), using the same recipe as my raw banana cupcakes, and topped with a scoop of raw banilla spice n'ice cream (although you could opt to fill the whole cup with n'ice cream), some banana slices, walnuts and a drizzle of grade B maple syrup (which explains this cupcake's glazed over look).

Who says you can't have n'ice cream for breakfast? I think it's a very nice way to start the day :-)

On another note, I just wanted to say congrats to my cousin Holly and her fiance Christian, who are getting married today. Best wishes!