Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonderfully wild and naturally zingy

I am so anxious for spring to arrive. No, make that summer. Well, actually I'm just looking forward to warm weather.

Can you believe I've already got a new bathing suit this year? Just a few weeks ago, I tried one on, but neglected to purchase it due to the fact that it was still freezing outside. I thought, who would be crazy enough to buy it this far in advance? I think it was even snowing at the time.

Well, call me crazy, because I went back for it. But, when I got there, the rack was bare, or at least the one that held the style I had wanted. There wasn't even one in the wrong size or perhaps a spare top or bottom (they never seem to all match up in the end).

I was beach bummed, so I spilled my pity story to Matthew's mom. Her response was that I should have picked it up while I had the chance. I took it as a sign that it wasn't really meant to be mine.

Lucky for me, I have an awesome mother-in-law, who found the bikini I spoke of at another location. She surprised me with a top and bottom in the exact sizes I needed (Thank you; I know she reads my blog). It fit beautifully. Now, I really can't wait for summer.

Once the weather warms up, I can start going to the boardwalk near my house and eventually the beach. My son, father-in-law and I like to spend our weekends hanging out on the sand and putting our toes in the water. I usually bring a book and a snack, like this bar I got from NaturalZing.

I haven't had a chance to try it yet (I'm really bad about holding on to special treats for just the right moment). Therefore, I'll probably take it to work with me on Friday, since I'll be going to one of their events on Saturday with my raw buddy, Rawbin (who sent me this cool link tonight).

If you're going to be in the area this weekend, you might still have a chance to reserve a spot. My advice is to drop them a line asap, because the deadline to place discounted orders to be picked up at the event is tomorrow.

Here's all the info you need:

Spirit Bliss Lecture and Raw Food Lunch,
sponsored by NaturalZing

with author, lecturer and raw food gourmet chef Paul Nison
Date: Saturday, March 1
Time: 3-7 p.m.
Location: Spirit Bliss Farm
1851 Florence Road
Mount Airy, Md. 21771
Cost: $20 for lecture and raw food lunch
Schedule: 3 p.m. lunch created by Raw Chef Bliss, 5 p.m. lecture by Paul Nison

For more information, call 301-703-4116 ext. 112 or e-mail


Steph said...

Wait a second... are you from Mt. Airy!?

Cause that's where I'm from!

B said...

I must confess that I have already updated my summer swim wear as well. But that might have more to do with JFing and Russian Baths which I do suited as it is a co-ed environment. Though the tix to sunny Ft Myers have been purchased for a late March exodus from the big city to sunny paradise. I'm normally a tankini girl but might venture into a newly acquired bikini this time to show off my JF bod'...

Whole tomatoes and cukes tomorrow for me, can't wait. Prunes can only do so much for a girl...and yes, they've done what they've had to do. I've been enjoying your blogging all along this journey. Looking forward to catching up on all of the wonderful recipes you've contributed in the last couple months.

big x to you.

raw b

shannonmarie said...

Sorry S., I'm not from Mt. Airy, but I'm close enough to make the trip.

B, I've missed ya. Thanks for stopping by. Your little vacation sounds like fun. It's time to take the bikini plunge.

Wow, eating whole foods again must really seem strange. Take your time easing into some of the heavier stuff. It will be a while before you'll be ready for the eclair dessert, although I highly recommend it :-)

Big x back at ya.