Thursday, February 21, 2008

I need a kiss

Not the "Kiss" in the Prince song (I probably can't link to this one without paying royalties after that baby dancing on You Tube incident. Instead, I'll just give you this prince and how he somehow finally manages to "Kiss the Girl") or this group by the same name.

I mean K.I.S.S., as in "Keep It Simple Shannon," a little reminder I give myself when I need to slow down a bit, and you guessed it, simplify my life, whether it be my to-do list or in my menu.

I frequently get asked as to how I find time to create/make all these recipes, blog about them and still manage to get everything else done in my life. In fact, the latest inquiry was from my superhero friend Darice Michelle of Go Wonder Woman (I've mentioned her before in a post), who commented, "how do you ever find the time to be so creative and come up with such attractive looking recipes?"

My response: sometimes I wonder how I do it all myself. Even I need a break once in a while, like when I got caught "playing hooky" the other day.

So, in honor of my 100th blog post (I think today hits triple digits), I'm going to keep things simple, like the salad I had last night for dinner.

It was snowing outside; I got home late, so I just tossed some mixed greens in a bowl with some shredded carrot, broccoli slaw, broken up pieces of mushroom (I was too lazy to take a knife to them), orange segments, a sprinkling of sliced raw almonds and a generous drizzle of a dressing inspired by the marinade I used on my kabobs (some more orange segments, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, agave nectar, ginger, garlic, EVOO and Umeboshi plum vinegar blended in the Magic Bullet; I didn't even take the time to measure anything).

Tonight's Thursday Night Raw will probably be just as light and easy. I really needed to cut back after all the overindulging on sweets. Like I said yesterday, I finished that whole dessert myself (except for the spoonful I gave to Rawbin. I shared the recipe with her at the time, but you can all get your hands on it now that it's available on We Like It Raw today).

Also, since there is snow on the ground, I promised my son we would have another snow day like the one I posted months ago (we haven't had much of the white stuff this year).

According to him, there are certain things one must do to officially call it that. Ours involve playing outside, drinking hot (or in my case, gently warmed) chocolate, watching cartoons, reading books and building a fort.

Gotta go join in the fun. TTFN!


Kathy said...

Shannon, I'm glad to see you taking it easy. Remember life's simple pleasures create the greatest treasures.

Have to ask, how much time was inbetween your picture on WLIR and your blog? Eating the WHOLE THING is something that I have been guilty of myself from time to time [grin]. At least yours is the healthy version!

Enjoy your snow day with Jacob!

Jenny said...

you two are adorable!! (no pun intended haha)
i love that you threw together a salad without fancy and absolutely magical creations- because that simplicity in itself and the incredible energy you bring to everything (including an unmeasured and i'm sure delicious salad!) is perfect in itself.

have THE MOST FUN with your most loved ones in the snow- i've been wishing it your way!!
xx jenny

shannonmarie said...

Kathy, I totally agree with your simple pleasures comment.

As for the amount of time it took me to eat that dessert, thankfully, I didn't consume it all at once (although I probably could have). However, I managed to finish it off in only 3 to 4 sittings.

Jenny, thanks again for the snow. Sometimes these special moments with my little one totally outshine any dish I could ever make.