Friday, February 29, 2008

Burger Wars

(Surprise, this plate of food is actually all raw)

"Jacob Strikes Back" with yet another guest photo op on a Friday post (third time is a charm, and he's quite the charmer). This time he captured the constant battle between "Friend and Foe" in the fast food market. Plankton is always planning his next move when it comes to stealing his childhood friend Krab's secret krabby patty recipe, and it looks like he's at it again.

Little does he know, but this patty is really an impostor, "rawified" by yours truly with the aid of my trusty "I Am Grateful" uncookbook (I've been meaning to try some more of the recipes from it; I finally got a chance to sample an "I Am Cheerful" sun burger) and Alissa Cohen's idea to turn jicama into fries.

I made this happy raw meal, since my son and I were going on a play date to none other than the local McDonald's (hey, a kid's gotta be a kid, right?).

He had a great time playing with his friends, and when we got home, he helped set up this photo shoot. This time it was a collaborative effort, although he had the final say and his finger on the trigger (the button on the camera, that is).

The rest of the evening was dedicated to family time and Thursday Night Raw. As usual, you'll have to wait until the weekend to get the details.

And, if your getting the hang of my new schedule, you're probably wondering what's in my smoothie today. Well then, I'll tell you. It's definitely packed with greens, but I also added some walnuts and pumpkin seeds, like in this "burger" and another "meaty" food I made for last night's dinner.

As for the fruit, I put in banana, orange, peaches, pineapple, grapes and berries, similar to the fruit served during our Thursday meal. And, just like last week, I used Java Teeccino for the liquid, since it went so well with the menu.

Oh yeah, while I was reminiscing about last night, I also added a touch of sweetness with a little maple syrup. Now, that's a breakfast smoothie :-)


April said...

Yum, this burger looks delish! Again your so creative!

Jenny said...

how fun for jacob to "recreate" this meal!!
did he eat it??
i've been meaning to try the I Am Cheerful, i think my favourite part of that recipe book is simply saying the names, it IS truly affirming!

but the recipes are out of this world as well. . . have you tried the tirimisu?? it's THE most requested item for me to make. . . and the page is completely dogeared and spilled on (the mark of a truly perfect recipe). . .
i use either coffee extract or powdered yerba mate for the "coffee" flavour. . . and of course i tweak the heck out of it- it wouldn't be mine if i didn't- but so so so yummy and worth making in all it's variations!

xx jenny

B said...

Once again you have outdone yourself. I kicked off actually chewing "real" food (meaning not smoothie or soaked prunes) today with berries, pineapple, and then a tomato/cuke salad. I love that soon this burger is back on the menu.

xx raw b

Colleen Miller said...
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Colleen Miller said...

Wow, I thought you started eating meat again after seeing that picture! It seriously looks EXACTLY like a burger! How did the Mickey D's playdate go? Does Jacob eat meat?
Does the bottom of the burger have a " 'Bella Bun" too, or just the top? Did you marinate the bella before hand? Love the sesame seed touch. Perfect! Can't wait to make that one for dH.
I just picked up that book a few weeks ago and have been VERY pleasantly suprised with the recipes I've tried so far. Now I'll have to try that burger one!!!
PS - I have made Alissa's Jicama fries and thought they were great!!! Burgers and fries, who knew they could be good for you?

Unknown said...

i tried some of those jicama fries a couple weeks ago. i think i liked them a little better dehydrated.


Charis said...

Shannomarie, I need comfort! I feel the same way about blood donating! ...Well, it ends up it wasn't so bad and it IS a good cause.

Your burger and frys look incredible!
Question: Are all the recipes in "I am Grateful" really good? Do you really like it? (I'm considering buying it sometime)

RawBin said...

Tell Jacob that I scored 700 points on the crabby game! I kept getting stuck.
Those burgers and fries look amazing. I can't wait to ask you tomorrow how you made them...

shannonmarie said...

Thanks April.

Jenny, my son is a very picky eater, so I'm amazed when he tries anything. He did eat the apples, but was disappointed with the jicama fries (I think he was expecting something else). In the end, he wouldn't touch the "burger," but that's no surprise; he won't even try the real ones.

I've been meaning to try the tirimisu, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've heard many wonderful reviews about it.

B is back to solid food. I'm so proud of you making it to the end of your juice feast. You are truly amazing.

Rawleen, we had fun on our play date; it was more about the opportunity for him to play with his friends then anything else. I also had a chance to speak with the other parents. One of them has read my blog. Funny.

Jacob does eat some meat, but he won't touch hamburger. He is more of a chicken nugget boy.

Although I don't eat animals now, I did as a child. My husband is a meat eater, so we decided to let Jacob eat what he wants and make his own decisions about vegetarianism when he gets older.

The bottom of the bella bun is hidden under the lettuce. I didn't dehydrate it, since I wanted it good and firm for transport purposes (it will absorb the flavors you put inside). I also remove the "gills" to hollow out the center. It helps keep the burger and toppings in place.

Alissa, I've never actually seen Ms. Cohen's recipe; I just knew she used jicama. I dehydrate mine, too.

Charissa, I am proud of you giving blood. Maybe I'll try it in the future.

As for the book, it looks great. Unfortunately, I've only been able to make two or three recipes from it so far. I've just been too busy making up my own lately.

Rawbin, I'll tell him. See you soon :-)