Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please sir, I want s'more

Even if you've never seen "Oliver," you're probably familiar with that line (except I modified it a bit to suit my own blogging needs). In the play, the title character was referring to more soup for his empty bowl, but I'm sure he'd much rather have this treat.

I remember watching the movie version one New Year's Eve with my childhood friend Stacey, as we struggled to stay awake until midnight. I was just thinking of her the other day when she sent me an e-mail, complete with pics of her kids in their Halloween costumes.

Flashback to twenty-some years ago, and we were the ones running from house to house, dressed as Glinda the Good Witch and Little Orphan Annie (I was so jealous of her red replica dress and locket). In fact, we probably modeled our first Halloween costumes side-by-side, as we were neighbors from birth.

It wasn't long before my mom started babysitting her and we became attached at the hip (you should've seen the picture of our first day of preschool; we were both holding hands in tears). She was the one I mentioned in a post a while back about the time we swiped a bunch of candy from my grandfather's house, unwrapped all of it, mushed it up in a bowl and got caught eating our secret recipe with a big wooden spoon.

Now, don't get me wrong; my mom did feed us. She was the one who gave us some of our first lessons in baking (Stacey makes some mean brownies) and taught us how to make s'mores (we used to pretend we were camping out in the backyard, although I don't think we ever lasted the whole night. That bug-zapper gave me the creeps).

Speaking of s'mores, Penni Shelton of Real Food Tulsa recently posted Matthew Kenney's rawified take on these campfire treats. One look at the ooey gooey photo and I just had to have one for myself.

But, since I'm still on a cupcake kick (they're so addicting), I opted to make one in true Moskowitz and Romero style, with the exception of the baking part. Vegan cupcakes have taken over my world, and now I'm going to have one of their s'more cupcakes in the raw (there is something naughty sounding about that).

I made the cupcakes out of almonds and cashews, hollowed out their centers and filled them with raw whipped cream encased in chocolate. Then, I topped them off with more "cake," chocolate, cream, and you guessed it, more chocolate. Yum! Can I please have s'more?