Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brunch, dinner and dessert =

A very full raw foodie.

Even living the raw lifestyle can lead to overindulgence today, and I definitely don't feel deprived with this Thanksgiving feast.

Last year, I stuck to the traditional fare: mock mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, Maraw's fabulous Southern Corn Nut Dressing (you really must try this recipe), cranberries, and marinated/"cooked" (in the dehydrator, of course) green beans and carrots. For dessert, I made a raw version of my mom's apple crisp.

I remember rushing around, trying to get everything ready to visit both sides of the family for dinner. That's right; we were scheduled for back-to-back meals, consisting of the same menu items x 2. No wonder I felt so stuffed.

This year, I skipped the stuffing altogether (although I highly recommend trying that dressing recipe when you get a chance), in favor of a simple veggie pot pie I rawified from an old copy of Vegetarian Times.

Inspire by the one in the magazine, I made the base out of butternut squash, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, miso, olive oil, white wine, curry powder, poultry seasoning, fresh thyme, sea salt, cayenne and fresh ground pepper. I pureed all these ingredients in my blender. For texture, I added chunks of zucchini, mushrooms and green beans, along with some more carrot, celery and onion. Then, I topped off the pot pie with a crust made out of ground mixed nuts.

Alongside the savory pie, I'm serving a kale salad with raw "caramelized" red onions and almonds. It's dressed in EVOO and balsamic vinegar, like the kale featured in the same issue. I also added some agave and dry mustard for a sweet and spicy twist.

For dessert, I made a raw mini version of the chocolate pie my mom makes every year. She's quite the pie maker, usually baking (in an oven; she's not raw) a variety of flavors to suit everyone's tastes (there has to be pumpkin, my one sister loves chocolate, the other one likes apple, my dad requests lemon meringue, etc.).

Today, we won't be around for the pie, since we already dropped in for brunch instead. Pumpkin muffins and fresh fruit were part of the spread. Therefore, I decided to bring along some of my raw pumpkin cupcakes/muffins. Yum.

I hope your Thanksgiving is just as tasty. I know I'm thankful for all that's on my plate :-)