Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She's Crafty ;-)

If you are in my age group (sorry about the no-makeup look again, BTW; I'm getting too old to be posing for pics without it), you may have read that title and thought of this song. Growing up listening to the Beastie Boys, it popped in my head while constructing my latest project, but not in the sense suggested by the lyrics.

As you know, I like to get a little crafty, whether it be in my kitchen or with traditional cut-and-paste methods. Combining the two, I found a way to hold my raw cupcake e-book in my hand.

Of course, the kitchen part was already done; the results filling the onscreen pages with delicious recipes and photos. All that was left to do was print, cut and paste.

And, if you've purchased my e-book, you can do it, too. Just print out the pages and cut/paste them into a composition book of your own. Here's how it's done:

Cut the white edge off from around the cover page.

Glue the cover page to the front of the composition book.

Cut the white edge off the dedication page and glue it inside the book (although I glued mine to the first page, make sure you glue yours to the inside of the cover; you'll see why).

Next, repeat the steps for the "I thought I could and so I did" page, which should end up on a right page (rather than a left) to keep the page numbers on the correct side (that's why the dedication page should be on the inside cover).

Repeat the process again with the "Table of Cupcakes, etc."
and "It just had to be cupcakes."

Of course, keep on going with the "Tips ..." "... and Tricks" pages,
followed by the recipes, placing them side by side (the placement
of the page numbers should help as a guide
to which pages should face each other).

Keep cutting and pasting pages until you've got
the "Thank you!" attached, too.

I'd show you more, but I'm sure you've got the rest figured out (I also can't give away too much to anyone who's yet to purchase the e-book; it was just fun to offer up a sneak peek, as to what's inside).

Thanks to all of you who bought the e-book so far and those who will purchase one soon (Ellen, just look how happy you are with a copy of my printed out e-book).

I love seeing all your mini masterpieces, like this one from this crafty gal.

TyrahD from Domestic Dharma got a little creative in her raw kitchen, too, improvising with the ingredients she had on hand, as well as a biscuit cutter in place of the silicone liners. Here's a big pic of her untouched raw cupcake:

Here's the pic again with a peek of the sweet surprise center:

Nelly at From Nelly ... With Love ... (I think that blog name is so sweet, just like her) went on a hunt for reusable silicone cupcake liners and look what she found; her liners are a different shape. Doesn't it resemble a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake?

She made more than one. Yum!

And Bitt's at it again (she also found an easier way to get a hard copy of my e-book; I posted about it the other day). What's under this chocolate n'icing?

She attempted making a checkerboard cupcake, but ended up making a swirly version. Now that's a tasty mistake. Pretty cute, too, huh? Ellen agrees with me :-)

Don't forget you can get in on the Ellen cupcake action, too. Just check out the recipes from my raw cupcake e-book, whip them up yourself, take a picture of the Ellen cutout with your creation and let me know where I can link to it (I gotta know about it, if you want me to highlight it on my site). Also, if you'd like, upload your pic to the Ellen website, mentioning the quest to get her to eat a raw cupcake.

You can also help out the cause by sending multiple tweets to Ellen, as well as posting on her Facebook page. Of course, the main goal is to get her to try a raw cupcake, but a mention on her site would be pretty sweet, too :-)

Thanks to all who are participating. My birthday is only a few days away. I wish I could show off a ton of your raw cupcakes that day (and maybe I can get a little Ellen recognition, as well). Pretty please, with raw whipped n'icing on top :-)


BTW, I finally signed up for Twitter, although I'm totally clueless (love that movie; I'm so dated) about this stuff. Hopefully, I'll figure this out soon. I guess I really do need a lot of help tweeting Ellen. And, if you've opted to follow me, have fun laughing at my mistakes. Oops!


Also, don't forget about my birthday deal this week: The good people at Natural Zing have a birthday special in my honor. All of my readers who purchase $50 or more of raw cupcake-making ingredients (or whatever other products you like; I just thought you'd be on a raw cupcake kick) through Friday, April 30, 2010, will receive a pound of almonds free. Just enter the code: $50ALMONDS_RAWDORABLE in the comment box at check out. Happy birthday or unbirthday to all of you, too!