Saturday, April 10, 2010

Does Ellen dream of raw cupcakes?

Well, her cutout does. If you missed my last post, let me explain. I've been photographing my raw cupcakes with Ellen DeGeneres's World Domination face cutout, as part of my own quest for raw cupcake domination, specifically to get Ellen, herself, to try a raw cupcake.

Here she is pictured with a raw cupcake, similar to the ones served at my baby shower last summer. This particular cupcake was the inspiration for my "dreaming of raw cupcakes" design I hand-painted on Hayden's onesie and eventually uploaded to Cafe Press to be printed on shirts. Ellen is modeling the junior raglan in this pic.

It's amazing how it hangs on her like she's hanger or something. I wonder why that is? (obviously, it really is on a hanger, but maybe the real Ellen would wear one with pride someday; I know I have).

Anyway, don't forget that you can participate in the quest, too. Just check out the recipes from my raw cupcake e-book, whip them up yourself, take a picture of the Ellen cutout with your creation and let me know where I can link to it. Also, if you'd like, upload your pic to the Ellen website, mentioning the quest to get her to eat a raw cupcake.

So far, Bitt has highlighted two raw cupcakes on her site. Check them out. She didn't get Ellen's face in the shots, as she was unable to print one out before these were devoured (understandable).

Lucky for her, I had Ellen at the computer with me this morning, so I took this quick pic. What do you think, Bitt? :-)