Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These shoes are made for walking

As a vegan, I'm not just concerned about what I eat, but also what I put on my feet. Although I admit to not being entirely perfect from a "green" perspective, I do make sure my footwear is animal-free (no skin on my skin).

Although there are a ton of non-leather shoe options on the market, they are rarely comfortable. The best ones I've found are online, but you never know how they feel until you put them on.

For instance, the other day I came across these cute Mary Jane flats that had my name written all over them. They were vegan (ha ha, I guess they still are), a basic ballet-style flat (my favorite; perfect for the mom on the go) and reasonably priced. But, what about comfort?

Curious, I e-mailed the company (Vegan Chic) about my desire to take them for a test drive. It was up to me if I wanted to review them on my site.

Amazingly, they fit perfectly and felt great. I just had to share my Cinderella story with you. Obviously, I'm not a foot model (although I hand-modeled a couple times while working in the Ritz Camera/Boater's World advertising department years ago; I got to hold a boat phone and a lens pen), but I had to get some pics with them on.

This is a big deal to me, especially since I broke, sprained and suffered nerve damage in my right foot a couple summers ago, while running in high heel flip flops (what was I thinking? Oh right; flip flops were an easy animal-free shoe option). It is even more important to me to find cute vegan flats at an affordable price that offer the right support for my feet (check out the lightly padded insoles and contoured outsole).

The best part of these flats is the elastic around the back. I no longer have to worry about it digging into my ankle (yea me; I can go band-aid free!)

I'm so glad these worked out. Thanks Vegan Chic (I love the new shoe demonstration videos by the way). I'll probably be doing my shoe shopping there more often.


Just wanted everyone to know that the reviews I do on my site are for products I personally enjoy. In most cases, I contacted these companies myself, requesting the opportunity to try their products. I'm not perfect, so please don't judge my selections too harshly, although I appreciate all of your comments. These are my honest opinions. You're entitled to yours, as well (you know I love my readers, even if we don't always agree).

BTW, my buddy Bitt is currently doing a Parma! giveaway, there are glass straws to be won at Gluten-Free Vegan Family and Averie has a food processor up for grabs. Today is also the last day to enter my current giveaway. Good luck!