Friday, April 23, 2010

How to make a checkerboard cupcake

I apologize for the lackluster title, but that's exactly what today's post is about. Inside yesterday's cuppie is a checkered pattern of basic spice and chocolate "cake."

So, how did I come up with that trick?

Well, since my mom used to make the baked version for me growing up (I think I even requested this kind for my birthday one year; what should I ask for this time? I'm celebrating with my family on Sunday), I thought I'd rawify the process in cupcake form.

The baked version requires a special pan divider to pull of this illusion, but you don't need it replicate the effect in raw form. That's one of the advantages when dealing with raw "cake;" it can be molded into just about any form you want to make.

Now, before you start shaping little cubes to stack together, let me show you how the illusion takes place. This is way easier than than it looks.

Just like with the original baking method, you need to make alternating circular patterns. To make a checkerboard cupcake, start with a small circle of one shade of "cake," surrounded by the contrasting shade (see how I have the chocolate in the center and the basic spice in a ring around it). Do the same thing with the next layer, except reverse the two shade's of "cake" (that would mean having the spice in the center of the chocolate this time). The last layer should look exactly like the first (chocolate surrounded by spice).

When you slice the cupcake directly down the center, the interior looks like a checkerboard. What do you think Ellen? She looks like she approves :-)


Giveaway winners

And before I forget, I need to announce the winners of the "Etre the Cow" book giveaway. Drawn at random (sorry I didn't have time to post a Hayden photo shoot/play-by-play; we've got big plans today), the winners are Kat and Molly. Congrats to you both!


More magic mirror friends

Who does Ellen see in her magic mirror today? Did all my friends have fun at play? I see that I had a special day, making a Pineapple Under (and over) the Sea Cupcake (there's pineapple in the cupcake, frosted with some spirulina speckled n'icing and a dried pineapple garnish).

It looks like Anna of Picture It Raw had a special day, too. I just adore her artist skills. She illustrated her blueberry topped raw cupcake for Ellen. Impressive, huh? I thought you'd think so.

And both Michelle and Lori of Pure2Raw had a special day, as well. Lori arrived home from her European trip to these raw cupcakes, made by Michelle. Ellen even stopped by for some pics.

Lastly, my blogging buddy Bitt is at it again (please support her campaign to be added to Masala). To make her day extra special (and mine, too), she printed out her copy of my raw cupcake e-book and had it made into an actual book. That's even better than the project I did with mine, but I'll still reveal it next week.

Don't forget how you can have a special day and a mention on my site. Just check out the recipes from my raw cupcake e-book, whip them up yourself, take a picture of the Ellen cutout with your creation and let me know where I can link to it (I gotta know about it, if you want me to highlight it on my site). Also, if you'd like, upload your pic to the Ellen website, mentioning the quest to get her to eat a raw cupcake.

You can also help out the cause by sending multiple tweets to Ellen, as well as posting on her Facebook page. Of course, the main goal is to get her to try a raw cupcake, but a mention on her site would be pretty sweet, too :-)

Thanks to all who are participating. My birthday is only a week away. I wish I could show off a ton of your raw cupcakes that day (and maybe I can get a little Ellen recognition, as well). Pretty please, with raw whipped n'icing on top :-)


BTW, since I mentioned spirulina in my raw cuppie, I wanted to let you know that Hayden likes spirulina, too. I decided to give her some after hearing about HiHoRosie's son and his adventures eating it. Don't forget to check out her giveaway!