Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm over the moon ...

... about this Ellen quest (keep those raw cupcake pics coming) and my blogging buddy Heathy's (as in Heather; not like a Heath bar, which she could easily make raw) Moonie Pie Challenge, although I opted not to enter due to my inability to follow the rules and my obsession with raw cupcakes, at the moment.

However, since she's so sweet (did you check out the review she did for me this week?), I just had to make a raw cupcake inspired by her. I may have broken the rules, but the results were quite tasty.

Think of this as an unofficial entry to the contest (it's gone already, so I have nothing left to ship anyway) or a reminder for the rest of you to get unbaking in your raw kitchens. I'll continue linking to/posting your cupcake creations, as part of the ongoing quest to get Ellen to eat a raw cupcake, but time is ticking on that Moonie Pie Challenge. Tomorrow is the last day.

My honorary moonie pie is, of course, in raw cupcake form, using the Better Than {_ _ _} Cupcake from my e-book, that raw whipped icing I can't get enough of (that's in the e-book, too, thanks to Cafe Gratitude; I substituted raw cocoa butter for the coconut butter this time) and Heathy's chocolate recipe from her "Just Desserts" book I reviewed not too long ago.

Maybe I didn't use her entire recipe (which you are allowed two swap-outs or additions), but it was in the spirit of it all. I had a lot of fun making it, even if Hayden wasn't the most cooperative that day. (I do not advise working with raw chocolate with a restless baby in the house. She kept throwing her toys across the kitchen, expecting me to drop everything to pick them up. It's like a game to her, which was quite distracting at the time; at least I can laugh at it now).

So, what's inside this cuppie. I sliced it open, so you could see (before I polished it off quickly). There's that raw whipped icing sandwiched between two layers of raw cupcake. The whole thing is coated in a raw chocolate shell. Now Ellen can have have cake and pie, as well. I'm liking this joint effort, don't you?

If you want to join the quest, too, here's what you need to do:
Just check out the recipes from my raw cupcake e-book, whip them up yourself, take a picture of the Ellen cutout with your creation and let me know where I can link to it (I gotta know about it, if you want me to highlight it on my site, like these yummy examples). Also, if you'd like, upload your pic to the Ellen website, mentioning the quest to get her to eat a raw cupcake. I'm sure she'd be over the moon, too :-)