Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Greens galore & a sea of tees

Well, I haven't increased my green smoothie consumption yet, but I had an extra green smoothie to start out the new year right. Just look at all those greens in my blender. The more you drink them, the more you love them :-)

I did manage to be semi-productive yesterday. I actually got around to making my sister the tank-top she requested during the summer. She had been admiring the ones I decorated to express myself and hinted that she would like one reflecting her interests, too.

My tanks have been mostly food-related, with statements on the front and back (my son hates that I use so many words on my shirts. He prefers artwork, and yes, he designs his own, too). Some of them pictured above include "Solar Powered"/"I get my vitamin D naturally," "Organic"/"I eat greens. powered by mother nature," "Superfoods"/... do your body good," something about Gone Raw (the website we all know and love) with "Check out my rawsome cinnamon rolls" on the back, and "(RAW)DORABLE" (of course) with "Be cute, eat fruit" on the back.

I have others that are absent from the shot, but you get the general idea.

The one I made for my sister has the name of her dance company and logo on the front, and "my mom makes the best snickerdoodles" on the back (it can't be a shannonmarie original without a food reference). My mom makes these cookies for the company members by request. Maybe that's why I decided to "rawify" them for Santa this year.

Speaking of "rawifying," I've now "rawified" a shirt. My creative juices were flowing, so I kept them going with yet another tank for myself (good thing I wear them all the time, but don't be surprised if I am featured soon on an episode of "What Not to Wear" ... I was just kidding; hopefully I won't, although the shopping spree would be nice).

My newest and most fabulous tee says (you guessed it) "Just rawify it" on the front and "If you can crave it, you can make it ... RAW" on the back. What do you think?

Sorry about the mug shot; I didn't get much sleep and opted for the no makeup look. Who am I trying to impress anyway? I 'm a happily married woman with a husband that still thinks I'm hot. Not bad after 8 1/2 years as a couple, and we've known each other even longer than that.

But, back to the shirt. I thought it would inspire me to get to work on that "Just rawify it" book. I've got the idea; now I just need to bring it to fruition (hey, that contains "fruit" - yum!).

My son also designed another tee for his collection. Here he is showing it off. He loves the camera :-)


Kristen's Raw said...

You have OUTDONE yourself. Those look so fun and amazing. I love them!!!

shannonmarie said...

I wouldn't say "outdone," since I didn't make all of those in one day. My son and I love decorating them with fabric marker pens.

I actually do them free-handed, but I really need to learn a more professional approach. Thanks for the compliment :-)

RawBin said...

I wondered about that... It didn't look like iron-ons. I didn't think you were using permanent markers, but they did look professional!

shannonmarie said...

Thanks Rawbin.