Friday, January 4, 2008

Naked donut holes in the shower for breakfast

Did I get your attention? That's what happens when I run two thoughts together. I've been known to do it quite often, and have even been corrected for it in a comment on this blog (I accidentally typed "my husband's wife" instead of "my cousin's wife;" it's now fixed and the reasoning for my error is in the comment section. Thanks ~Melissa, yet again, for pointing it out).

When I ran out to get more of my facial mask (I use Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask on a regular basis, but I also try to get Lush's Cupcake whenever I'm lucky enough to make it to one of its stores) yesterday, I also came across Method's "go naked" line. I picked up the fragrance-free hand wash for now, but don't be surprised if I purchase more of the products in the future.

I already use the daily shower spray in between bathing sessions to keep my shower fresh, so I could easily see myself using another "naked" product to actually clean the shower/tub. At the moment, I use Biokleen. However, a product with "naked" on the label seems much more appropriate for the occasion (don't tell me you've never cleaned your shower/tub in the buff).

But enough about that. If you want more information about Method's products, check out this interview on G Living.

Now, on to breakfast (fully clothed). You guessed it, donut holes (that photo at the top is like deja vu). I made the Ani Phyo ones featured in VegNews again, but with my own spin on them. I used apricots instead of bananas and added some cinnamon for a little spice. I also rolled them in a mix of mesquite powder and a little more cinnamon, instead of the coconut listed in the original recipe (maybe I'll need another shower after eating these).

The result was pure bliss. What a great way to start the day. Enjoy :-)

By the way, you might want to double check your dried apricots for pits before putting them in your food processor. I had a stray one clunking around in mine. But, if you don't catch them all, they won't harm you; apricot pits actually are very beneficial. Check out this discussion.


Kristen's Raw said...

I love the way you write :)

shannonmarie said...

Thanks. I like your style, too :-)

Kristen's Raw said...

Thanks :)

Oh, and my boyfriend takes my pictures...he also built my website :) I'm lucky!

shannonmarie said...

You are very lucky to have a man like that and your natural good looks, too.

My husband works with computers for a living, but has had no part in this blog (except to laugh at my mugshots). I've even taken my own photos, which explains the crazy angles. Wow, I look weird, but it is funny :-)

Marie Madeleine Carmella said...

OK. I've been meaning to make Ani's donut holes for ages, but this is it! I'm trying these tonite!

You mention that the recipe calls for bananas. Must be a different version than the one posted on her blog then (almonds, salt, vanilla, pineapple, dates, dried coconut). Dang. Guess I'll have to wing it. ;-)

shannonmarie said...

Carmella, I feel so honored that you commented on my blog. I didn't realize you were reading it. Thanks for the icing recipe and the others I have tried.

The donut holes in this post came from the revised version printed in the VegNews recipe. The original does call for pineapple. I actually preferred the bananas.

I hope yours turned out tasty. I'll check your blog for the results.