Sunday, January 6, 2008

More greens in a glass & a blend in a bowl

As I said a couple posts ago, I've cleaned up my diet a tad in the new year. Now, I'm not going as far as to start a juice feast (juicing does not have to be synonymous with deprivation) or detox program like many of my fellow bloggers, but I am trying to lighten things up a bit and focus more on the nutritional value of what I select to put in my body and when.

So far, I am doing a good job of increasing my green consumption (one of my resolutions for the new year). This morning, I concocted a culinary masterpiece, if I may say so myself. It was a mixture of kale, spinach, romaine, bananas (for creaminess), meyer lemon (these are sweet enough to eat like oranges), vanilla and thyme, blended into a most refreshing way to start my day. I'll definitely have to make that one again.

Kristen, I could totally see you sipping this one (I know how you share my love of adding herbs to your smoothies), while watching a favorite flick. Maybe you can sneak it into the theater the next time you go.

By the way, to answer your question about "The Thrive Diet" book, it does address raw-related topics throughout the book, not just in the recipe section. In fact, there is a whole section on raw and low-temperature cooked foods, the importance of enzymes, alkaline-forming foods to pH balance the body (there is even a chart which divides foods into alkaline, neutral and acid-forming), answers the dreaded protein question (which I know you know the answers), stresses the importance of whole foods and addresses food sensitivities (one of the draws to a raw diet).

Moving on to the exercise portion of the book, Branden Brazier (the author for those of you who are unfamiliar) discusses the importance of physical activity, the health benefits, how to speed recovery and nutrition pre-, during and post workout. He divides the information into three activity levels and even gives protein, fat and carbohydrate percentages for each.

He also provides recipes for sports drinks, gels, direct fuel bites, and recovery beverages and puddings, all raw or with a raw option. I especially like the recovery pudding pictured in my post. Although it is a little nut heavy, it is free of unnecessary sweeteners (all of the sweetness comes naturally from fruit), yet satisfies my sweet tooth, really packs a nutritional punch and keeps me full and energized for hours.

There is even a small section on how the Thrive diet impacts the environment.

Overall, I think you'd enjoy this book. Like myself, you probably already know a lot of the information, but sometimes it's nice to have a little reinforcement or another source to back you up when answering other people's questions.

For those of you who may have some questions for Brendan, you can sometimes be lucky enough to get answers from him personally on the G Living site. He occasionally stops by to check out the message board, but I can't guarantee anything.

Speaking of Brendan and the G Living community, his good friend Burke Bryant (who frequents the board) was going to have a show which actually featured a raw food segment. Anyone know what happened with that? I really wanted to see it.

On the subject of fitness, I've been changing up my workout again (but still including The Girls Next Door workout in my rotation for kicks). I've added Pilates this morning, something I haven't done in a while. Maybe I'll pull out my old reformer.

But, I still feel like I need some cardio today. I almost never go a day without it. I'll probably do some boxing with my son using our Wii controllers (it actually works up a sweat) or pump up the volume on the stereo and dance around the house (my all-time favorite way to burn off those calories, as if I really need to).

I'm really digging that Finger Eleven "Paralyzer" song at the moment. Ever since the Victoria Secret models strutted their stuff down the runway to it, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I sometimes find myself doing the model strut down the hallway at work when the tune comes back to haunt me. I bet Rawbin would get a kick out of that. Ha ha :-)

Well, this post is getting a little embarrassing, so I'll just stop right there. But, I'll leave you with some links to inspiring juice-feasters, for those of you who may be considering doing one or in the process of one at the moment.

Just look at these glowing individuals: Angela Stokes of Raw Reform (she wrote an e-book about it), Courtney Pool of Radical Radiance, Blair Boudousquie of Journeys Into Wild Health, David and Katrina Rainoshek of Juice Feasting (check them out drinking wheat juice right from the juicer), and Carrie Cegelis, along with her raw buddy Raw B, on Radical Living Laboratory (good luck you two).

If I seem a little distracted at the moment, it's because I am watching "Benny & Joon," as I type this. My mom got the soundtrack for Christmas (my sister was actually able to find it for her). Since then, I've been hearing that 500 mile Proclaimers song on the radio and now the movie on T.V. Is it just a coincidence or what?


RawBin said...

I've seen you dancing in the hall, silly girl.

Benny and June. Awww, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry. Good movie.

Guess what?? I bought a little cuisinart 3-cup food processor... I suppose I should try it out before happily boasting about my purchase, but my sister dropped off a bunch of raw seasoned nuts for me, and I thought I could make some crackers... but first-I must try to make the brownies again. This time in less than 3 hours! (stocking up my freezer)

Charis said...

Just made your brownies, even a picture on my blog. ;0)
Thanks for sharing it, I enjoyed it yesterday.

Unknown said...

that is my 'resolution' too. :)

but i don't like to call it that.

500 miles always reminds of when i lived in San Diego. they played that on the radio endlessly.

Kristen's Raw said...

Hi Gorgeous :)

That smoothie sounds AWESOME! Vanilla and soon as I get home from snowboarding I'm all over that like white on rice...maybe I should come up with something new (for us Raw people) about "I'll be all over that like white on pine nuts"?!
I'm going to make it for my next movie going adventure.

Thrive, thanks so much for the thorough review. I completely agree about reading other people's work even though I probably "know the stuff." I find that repetition and/or the way someone presents something can cause me to rethink it, or get inspired or motivated and juiced up all over again. I'm going to order it.

Juice you, I'm not about feeling deprived or hungry. But, I'm really really really impressed with's website and I think my boyfriend, mom and I are going to do the 30-days in March. I'm totally stoked about it.


shannonmarie said...

Oops, you caught me, Rawbin. I didn't realize anyone was looking.

Thanks for the brownie today. It didn't taste quite the same (I wonder if I changed something when I gave you the recipe; I'm still questioning the cookie recipes I posted), but it was delicious anyway. I love how you made the filling green.

Charissa, thanks for the mention on your blog. Your brownie looks so cute. I love your take on it.

Alissa, I've missed you. I hope things are better now. I think everyone has a fond memory to go with that song. I think "roadtrip" (the same is true for that Vanessa Carlson song):-)

Kristen, when do you return from snowboarding? I can't wait to hear all about it. I have to try it one day.

I hope you enjoy the smoothie as much as I did. I thought you might sneak it into a flick.

White on pine nuts is funny, but my first thought was coconuts :-)

So, you're ordering the book? I think it is right up your alley. I hope I am right.

That's rawsome about the juicing in March. If the weather is warmer, I might try it then, too.

Kristen's Raw said...

Maybe we can do the juice feast together, if you're up for it. It's supposed to be really easy if you use your blender and strain through a nutmilk bag...apparently much quicker than using a juicer - that is attractive to me because of the quantity of juice required.

And, from what I've heard from people, you won't be hungry. Like you, I'm not into being hungry. Noway. :)

RawBin said...

Maybe the spirulina in the mint creme center gave it an earthy green flavor? It really does taste different from my first batch of brownies. Of course, I thought the first batch tasted different because I used pecans instead of walnuts, I used a blender instead of a food processor, I forgot the salt and vanilla in the top frosting, I didn't have any mint to use. Yep. They were different.

shannonmarie said...

Kristen, I am definitely up for doing this juice feast together. It's easier when you have someone to do it with you, for support.

But, I prefer to try it during warmer weather. I actually need the heavier stuff to keep me warm this time of year.

Rawbin, maybe it was the spirulina, but I'm not sure. They were still good. Hope you liked the mallomar today.