Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rawgalong with me, under the sea

I feel so guilty. It seems like everyone I know is blogging about juice feasting, while I'm out flaunting my cookies (don't read too much into that; I'm talking about the sweet treats I blogged about yesterday). I'm such a tease :-)

At least I shared the recipes, so you juicers (I guess that makes you "Champions," like this particular model) can reward yourself at the end of your journey. I love it how we can all get a taste of each others creations posted on our blogs. It's as close as we can get to actually being there.

Most of the time, I just experiment with different ingredients, crossing my fingers that they'll turn out the way I'd imagined them (yes, even I have bombed out it the kitchen; you heard about my chocolate). But, once in a while, I'll crack open an "uncookbook" (I like using ones from different restaurants, so I can try their creations at home; I don't travel much) or test drive a recipe posted on someone else's site.

This week, I took Jenny's Mermaid Blend for a spin (in my blender, that is). She also referred to it as "sea speed," and OMG, she wasn't kidding. Talk about being wired. I don't think I slept a wink that night, and I was still buzzing (wait a minute, that's bees. Mermaids don't buzz, they swim, but for some reason it doesn't provide the same descriptive quality) the next day.

Jenny's blog, of course, is full of vivid text. Her posts evoke all of your senses. I probably didn't even need to make the recipe myself to appreciate all its texture, color and flavor (although, I can see myself eating it again very soon. Perhaps tonight? Then, I probably won't catch up on any sleep. I guess I'll never learn).

If I keep consuming this sea worthy concoction, I may find myself filling Thessalonike's shoes (or that case, fins. Did you know mermaids may actually exist?).

According to Greek legend, Thessalonike turned into a mermaid after her death. When sailors would encounter her presence in the Aegeon Sea, she would ask them one dreaded question, "Is Alexander the king alive?" (she was referring to Alexander the Great, who was said to have been her half brother).

The correct answer would have been, "He lives and still rules." But, if answered incorrectly, Thessalonike, in a fit of rage, would transform into a Gorgon (a Medusa-like character) and destroy the ship and its crew.

Now, I don't have a fin, nor a head full of snakes, but I hate to see my disposition in a few days if I don't start getting a little shut-eye.

My poor son and I have been sleeping (well, he is; I'm not) on the couch downstairs the past couple days, since my husband has caught a touch of the plague, as he calls it (I think it is the flu). We opted to quarantine him to the upstairs. I hope he feels better soon. I guess this means no Thursday Night Raw for him, unless he's up to trying a green smoothie experiment.

In the meantime, I'll be taking care of my bedridden hubby. I wonder if he'd watch any of these movies: "Splash" (I so wanted to be Daryl Hannah when I first saw this, crossing my legs as I swam like her in the swimming pool), "Mermaids" (Winona Ryder's character still cracks me up) and "The Little Mermaid" (my youngest sister always ranked this one high on her list. She almost ended up dancing the part on a Disney Cruise Ship). Somehow I doubt he'll be interested, but I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

P.S. Here's one more Mermaid-related clip for you.


B said...

I'm getting really into this whole living vicariously thing. On one hand, yes, it is a little masochistic, reading your blog while sipping the green juices and counting the days. But on the other hand, I feel I get to experience these treats through you. Besides, it inspires me to constantly question and reinforce my priorities in this process, a conversation of sorts. And what a joy it is to see you thrive in this spotlight! It is really inspiring on more than just a food level. I might even start my own blog when the "restructuring" is over...(aka post-juice feast)

x rb

Jenny said...

oh my goodness we are too scarily aligned. . .i've just been thinking all morning about my chocolate puddings and your cookies and the simultaneous fascination i have with juice feasting. . . and how funny the juxtaposition is and how i waver between wanting all these yummy creations and wanting to actually do a juice feast of my own (i want to jump on the bandwagon!!!). . .

i'm having some of the sea speed now (so you and i will be up all night?!). . . and I LOVED your mermaid musings and pictures and videos. . . and of course i used to adore daryl hannah and winona ryder and out of all the disney movies, the little mermaid was my favourite. but that shouldn't surprise you. . . considering our co-mingling of thoughts and interests!!

oh and speaking of daryl hannah, i'm obsessed with her FABULOUS eco-friendly site, and in her page of videos that are all so fun to watch (it's where my hemp tutorial came from), she had one on raw foods with matt amsden and annie jubb. . . it was well done. . .
if you want to check them all out!
have a beautiful evening. . .and sending get well energy to your house!
xx jenny

Linda Salas said...

This looks very good too. As usual. Off to make a chia pudding that resembles this.

Jenny said...

i am rolling on the floor, in hysterics, and this seals it- we're kindred spirits for sure- you love Flight of the Conchords too. . . I watch their videos until i'm crying with laughter and show them to everyone!
this has been the greatest afternoon with natural highs and synergy like you wouldn't believe- have you checked out anthony's current post??!!

shannonmarie said...

Oh B, I was wondering when you would start a blog of your own. I would've given you an inspirational blogger award if you had one.

Jenny, sometimes I think you read my mind. It's crazy, but it's fun. Thanks for the recipe and the idea for this post.

Yes, I did see Anthony's post. I'm so jealous of his loot, and I want that glowing pudding.

Mmmm, chia pudding :-)