Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stewing up a playful meal

While watching "Regis and Kelly" this a.m. (one of my mom's favorite shows; I actually haven't seen it in a while now), I caught an interview with Carmen Electra. She was promoting her new movie, "Meet the Spartans" (not exactly on my must-see list, but my boys have been quite amused by the previews. I guess this means we've already viewed the funniest scenes).

I was surprised to find that she was still being asked about her exercise video series, Aerobic Striptease (it's much tamer than it sounds), a set of workout DVDs my husband purchased for me a year or two ago. I'm so glad Regis didn't test out a few moves.

Speaking of working out, on Good Morning America today, there was a segment about how exercising 30 minutes per day can make you 9 years younger. If you combine that with my healthy lifestyle and raw food diet, how young does that make me? No wonder I've been craving raw versions of my childhood fare.

Today I "rawified" camper's stew, a recipe my mom learned as a Girl Scout. She taught us (my sisters and I) how to make it long before we ever cooked some up over the campfire with our troops (we actually found some of our old sashes this weekend).

The recipe was simple: brown some ground beef, add a can of Campbell's ABC Vegetable Beef soup, go easy on the water (this is a thick stew, you know) and heat through.

Now, when I first went vegetarian, I still made this stew using the beef-free soup and veggie crumbles, but this is my first attempt at it since going raw. It turned out much better than expected. I basically combined my raw chili and soup methods to bring this childhood memory back to life.

As an added touch, I cut out some zucchini letters, like the alphabet noodles in the original, and spelled out the name of my dish. And, no, I don't have a lot of time on my hands; I just opted to do it for fun, which is what I had in the kitchen this weekend.

I can't wait to tell all of you what I made for a treat. Any guesses? You'll find out tomorrow on We Like It Raw (don't worry; you'll hear from me here, too).


Jenny said...

it's funny, i've had a few comments on the new color- it must be a keeper!!

i love the letters, one of my favourite pieces of jewelry i've designed has alphabet soup letters (organic no less) under the glass. . . elegantly comforting + the only place pasta belongs in my life anymore- in jewelry!!!

as always, you really do live up to your name!
happy tuesday evening. . .
xx jenny

shannonmarie said...

I love your jewelry, Jenny. I hinted to my hubby for Valentine's Day, but I think he has other plans. I hope to purchase something from you in the near future.

The Kitchen Flavors said...

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