Sunday, January 27, 2008

Silly syndicated stupidity

So, what does that title mean? Well, if you went directly to my site to read my last post, you probably missed it all together. But, if you happened to visit by way of We Like It Raw's Quickies page, you may have noticed something was not quite right in the first line.

Or, perhaps it was early and you were a little groggy like me. Maybe you didn't even notice it at all. Here's a reminder of my mishap (Just pan on down to the Sat. Jan. 26th posts and my leftovers pic).

Did you see it? Or, did you just read it the way it sounds, not comprehending the grammar (or lack there of) involved?

Thanks to my buddy ol' pal, Rawbin, it was brought to my attention in a personal e-mail yesterday. All she had to do was send me the first sentence ("You’ve gotta read the whole post to make since of this title"), and I knew exactly where I goofed (please tell me you caught it this time).

So, I put the word "since" when I meant to type "sense." Oops, my bad (now I really sound like Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless." I can't believe I dressed like that back in college). Please excuse my silly syndicated stupidity; I think I subconsciously brought it on myself.

You see, as soon as I found out my blog would be syndicated, my first thought (no, make that second thought; my first was actually, "yippie, thanks for noticing me," in true Eeyore form with an added Tigger/Jenny bounce), was so "if I have to correct an error here, will I be able to make the change there?"

Well, my question was answered, and the answer is, "no." Oh well, lesson to be learned: "Don't blog in the wee hours of the morning (I think it was 3 a.m. at the time I logged on yesterday)." Or, even better, "just don't make any errors in the first few paragraphs" (the rest of the post is on my blog only).

As for that Tigger/Jenny bounce I mentioned, I'm referring to the balance balls we both sit on while blogging and surfing the Net. It's great for your core, not to mention how fun it is. Just be careful if you are drinking your green smoothie at the same time. One of these days, I'm going to find it splattered all over the place.

Hey, Jen, did you realize how fun your name is when you use it in this familiar tune: "Jenny, jenny, bo benny, bananafana fo fenny, fe, fi, mo menny; Jenny!" My mom used to sing it all the time using our names.

Speaking of my mom, she's the one who inspired Thurday night's taco salad (she used to make it when I was little) and today's lunch, using my leftover raw Frito's (I made them like tortilla chips, but shaped them using a bag with a hole snipped at the bottom).

When my mother took a trip to Santa Fe (this was a few years ago), she came home raving about all the yummy food she consumed. But, the one dish I truly remember from her trip (I didn't actually go with her) was the chili served in a Frito's bag. She made us all try it the following Sunday dinner (we've had this tradition for a while now ... the meal together, not the chili in a bag).

So, today, I recycled a Frito's bag (don't worry; I didn't eat the real ones or go dumpster-diving to get it), using it as a serving bowl for today's lunch: chili and raw Frito's, topped with shredded carrots, avocado and sliced olives. Yum-O.


Jenny said...

you are WAY too cute for words.

and my mum used to sing that song all the time too!!! it was fantastic to hear it with my own name. . . cause people used to sing it a lot to me (for some reason, maybe it's the "ee" sound??) but i have to admit, it's been awhile.

overall, it was a giggle-inducing post from you today- and I must bounce/blog/surf too early as well because i'm usually a nitpicking editor when I read, but I missed your slip too!!

xx jenny

Splurge Sisters said...

You are my favorite blogger! I read you every single day - my family and I have been 100% raw for 8 months now and your blog is so refreshing to read and inspiring.

Thank you again!! Caron

Kathy said...

Well, it is 8:40 Sunday night, not too quick here either! I had to read, re-read and then read your answer to find the blip. So, don't worry too much.

I love the bouncey-bouncey idea that you and jenny do! I think I'm going to have to get me a ball!!!!

Carrie Cegelis said...

O.K. Rawdorable Rabbit - you're going to have to give it up - how does a girl make raw FRITOS????
You're the best!

shannonmarie said...

Jenny bo benny, we have even more in common. Love it.

Thanks Caron. That really makes me feel special considering how many inspiring raw bloggers are out there now.

Kathy, you missed it, too. I guess I didn't need to point it out after all.

Carrie, the raw Frito's are easy. You just process corn and yellow bell pepper together with some ground golden flax, sea salt, pepper and nutritional yeast (I wanted a slightly cheesy flavor since I removed the cheese from the original taco salad recipe). Then, pipe the mixture out into Frito shapes and dehydrate as usual.

Unknown said...

so...what DID you do with the fritos?

shannonmarie said...

My nonraw husband ate them all. At least he attempts my way of eating one night a week.

Lisha said...

I love frito's. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I know I'm asking for a lot here,but please tell me you're working on cracking the code on Raw Cheetos! LOL

shannonmarie said...

Cheetos? I'll get back to you on that.