Thursday, December 13, 2007

A piece of cake

(Before you get too excited; the above cake is not raw)

Today is my son's 5th birthday. Happy birthday Jacob :-)

We started out the morning with a birthday breakfast; I had my usual green smoothie, and since it was his special day, I surprised my son with his favorite double chocolate chip muffins (unfortunately not raw, but he loves them).

While eating his bounty, he inquired about the birthday cake he would be having at snack today with his class. He was so excited to celebrate with his friends.

Sirens began to go off in my head as I realized how I had forgotten all about the cake for school. I felt like the worst mom in the world. Although I had remembered to get the ingredients for the cupcakes on Saturday (the day of his party), as well as planning everything out for today and the weekend, the classroom recognition of his birthday somehow slipped my mind.

So, since I had no time to make a cake myself, I rushed to the grocery store in hopes of finding something chocolate and without pink or yellow roses (the typical grocery store offering).

Lucky me, I found a chocolate cake with penguins on top (he is really fond of penguins). I even got "Happy Birthday Jacob" written on it.

Times like these make me wish he and all his friends would be more willing to experiment with the raw diet. If it were mainstream, I could've whipped up a cake in less time than it took for me to run out and get one.

For example, I made this "15 Years or Minutes Cake" today from "The Raw Food Gourmet" by Gabrielle Chavez." Now, it didn't take me 15 minutes to make it (probably due to all the photo snapping), but I came pretty close.

I don't, however, have time to post about all the steps (it is my son's birthday), so here's what I did in the photos.


Unknown said...

i've got to get that book. that's looks FABULOUS.

my nephew's name is jacob! and it's not his birthday. but oddly, it's my niece's birthday (his sister).


shannonmarie said...

The book is one of my favorites because the recipes are so quick and easy, and they use basic grocery store ingredients. I highly recommend it.

That's so cool about your niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing. Wish your niece a happy belated birthday for me.