Thursday, December 6, 2007

We're having a snow day!

Okay, I was wrong; the snow did not turn to slush. In fact, we got more snow than expected. Our road is a little messy, and since my son goes to a private preschool where he is not penalized for missing days, I decided to keep him home to enjoy our first snow day of the season together.

I have so many fond memories of snow days home with my mom and sisters when I was little. When we would get a lot of snow, we would go sledding, build snowman (and snow-women, of course) and make snow angels. We would also build forts and have snowball fights with the neighbor kids (and my dad when he would get home from work).

The best part was getting warm indoors with some hot chocolate (I can still do that; just check out my "What's hot, what's not" post). We would watch cartoons, eat grilled cheese (here's a recipe for you, but you could always just make it with your favorite dehydrated bread and mock cheese spread) and tomato soup (check this one out, too), play games and put puzzles together.

I hope to recreate that experience with my son today. We'll be hanging out in our p.j.'s, watching Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, playing games and enjoying some good food together. So far, he's had his Dec. 6th chocolate from his advent calendar and apples, and I've had a green smoothie made with spinach, romaine, cilantro, wheat grass, spirulina, orange, mango, pineapple, strawberries, cinnamon and cayenne pepper (now, that'll warm your insides).

We actually started our snow day last night (when I polished off the end of my pomegranate pear crisp, pictured above, for dessert). The three of us (My husband, son and myself) spent the evening playing the Wii system we got last year for Christmas. (I can't believe it is still the most sought after gift, 2 years in a row. My mom was so excited to get her hands on one for a family gift this year; Christmas morning is all about playing games at my parent's house).

No matter how many new games we try, we always find Wii Sports to be the most entertaining; you can bowl, play tennis (some people actually host tournaments), box, golf or participate in a game of baseball (how come the outfielders don't have legs? It's so funny to watch).

When it was time to start settling in for the night, we put on a movie from mine and my husband's childhood, "The Dark Crystal." It was cool to see my son so involved in the movie. I was surprised to find that I was also still interested in it ... just like I still get excited about the first snow.

Check out the pics I took this morning. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy because I was out there taking them without a jacket (I had just finished my morning workout and was still warm from it; I guess it really got my blood pumping).

Later today, I hope to also make some cream of broccoli soup, a raw version of the recipe highlighted in the latest C.O.K. (Compassion Over Killing) e-mail newsletter. I'll give you more info in a future post. Stay tuned.

P.S. I just got added to Raw Food Right Now's Ultimate List of Raw Food Blogs. Thanks Heidi and Justin!

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