Monday, December 31, 2007

One lucky me ;-)

I'm so excited because my order from One Lucky Duck just arrived today; I only ordered it on Friday. They never let me down.

I got the basics like some MSM, a probiotic and the usual raw organic coconut butter (love the stuff), as well as Irish moss (an ingredient used frequently in the "I Am Grateful" book I received as a gift for Christmas; I'll probably be posting about what I make from it next year, as if that were so far away).

But, my favorite item is the hoodie I mentioned in a previous post. Made out of organic cotton and hemp, this sweatshirt (which is from HTnaturals, one of my favorite clothing sites) is cute and comfy; I can see why Sarma has been rumored to have been wearing it around lately.

I know I'll be wearing it tonight, as I celebrate the new year at home with my boys (husband and son for those of you who are new to my blog). We plan on playing games, watching movies and snacking on raw foods, as we wait for the ball to drop (my 5-year-old keeps us updated on the amount of time left until the main event; Nickelodeon has a countdown at the top of its screen).

Now, my evening may not seem like as entertaining as NaturalZing's chocolate new year, but I think I can come very close, if not better. I have prepared my own chocolate-themed menu, which my husband promised to sample (all except for the chili; he's never been a fan, cooked or raw) if we stayed in tonight (he gets up before 4 a.m. for work and is quite tired; poor baby).

This is a big deal; my husband is not into the raw thing, although he has tried and liked a raw brownie sundae I made in the past. He also will eat plain raw fruits and veggies, and drink berry (not green) smoothies.

But, tonight, he will be a little more adventurous, tasting the warm corn cakes (from Penni Shelton's site) I'll be serving alongside my raw cacao chili (a recipe I made up tonight that incorporates raw chocolate as a flavor enhancer), orange spiced chocolate macaroons (a recipe modified slightly from Jenny) with and without cherries inside (also Jenny's idea; I thought I'd make finding the surprise cherries inside like a treasure hunt), raw chocolates with cashew coconut cream inside (leftover icing) and mint chocolate brownies. We'll be washing it all down with mint chocolate Teeccino.

If all goes well, I hope this is a step in the right direction to incorporating more raw foods into my family's diet. As part of my new year's resolutions, I'd like to start making one family meal a week entirely raw, like Raw Food Wednesday (but mine would probably be Thursday).

My other resolutions include, increasing my green smoothie consumption (at the moment I'm only at once a day, usually in the a.m.), getting more organized (funny how that one ends up on my list every year), decreasing my use of paper towels (Kristen knows about me and that one) and completing my first raw book (that is, if anyone is still interested). Wish me luck sticking to them. See you next year :-)

I wonder which one has the cherry inside ...

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