Sunday, October 18, 2009

New rawified cupcake preview

If you enjoyed my cupcake recap, "Figaro" and this year's Halloween cupcake posts, just wait until you see what is to come. As part of Vegan Mofo III, I got busy in my raw kitchen for you. Here's a preview of what Hayden's been dreaming up:

Untoasted Coconut Cupcake

Ruby Red Chai Cupcake

Tastes Like PB Cupcake

German Chocolate Cupcake

Gingerbread Apple Tart Cupcake

Double Chocolate Cupcake


Lemon Rawtess Cupcake

Stay tuned for the details. Thanks Isa and Terry for the inspiration and the lovely background photography (the larger than life photos accentuate my itty bitty raw cupcakes) :-)